Occasional Ramblings with a Camera

This blog is my occasional ramblings on here, there and about, with and very occasionally without a camera. Photography, art, landscape (principally Scottish), heritage and wildlife are the things that interest me the most, so thats what I'll be writing about and of course showing pictures of. They say that a photograph is worth a thousand words, well I'm not so sure about that but if it is then great as it will save me a heap of typing, all power to the image.

'and the silence falls'


I've added a new gallery of my latest body of work. Principally I've finished it in this form but I'm still developing the work in other ways. One being in book form and the other in combination with painting and or drawing, these will add another dimension. I'm also making prints.

Following on from reading the excellent and only book on Shielings; 'The Shieling 1600 to 1840, The case of the Central Scottish Highlands' by Albert Bil. I'm now persuaded to refer to them as folds rather than fanks. The rcahms technically refer to them as enclosures. All are correct I believe and while I liked the sound of the word 'fank', there is more of an association with 'sheep fanks' which of course is something different.

I'll come back to the Albert Bil book later, suffice it to say that if you are interested in the subject of land use in this period and of transhumance, this is the book to read, if you can find a copy. It paints an entirely different picture from the romantic happy go lucky farmers taking their livestock up to the shieling grounds in the summer months to make cheese and butter. It paints instead a landscape of pastoral subsistence, of change and a rather more complex land use scenario.

shieling, Gleann Taitneach © george Logan

Gallery link, Here.