Occasional Ramblings with a Camera

This blog is my occasional ramblings on here, there and about, with and very occasionally without a camera. Photography, art, landscape (principally Scottish), heritage and wildlife are the things that interest me the most, so thats what I'll be writing about and of course showing pictures of. They say that a photograph is worth a thousand words, well I'm not so sure about that but if it is then great as it will save me a heap of typing, all power to the image.

So Long


Rannagulzion © george logan 2019Thats so long since I last added a post, rather than goodbye. I haven't been idle though these past months, I've recently finished a short Arts & Archaeology level 11 module at University of Highlands and Islands from Orkney. Really interesting and a worth while three months. Especially as I spend quite a lot of time these days working with archaeology in one form or another so to combine the two is just perfect. 

Getting into understanding the medium of photography in relation to archaeology has been fascinating and I've still lots of books to read through at a more leisurely pace now. It also relates on my landscape work that is moving in various directions. Still projects to finish and now the course is finished I can get back to looking for a publisher for my Orchards work.

One area I might look at for a future project is the now in ruin upland farms, an extension from my interest in pastoral farming, farming on the edge. These might have slightly more connectivity as some will have only been unoccupied in the past few decades. How quickly they wither.

Not sure of my approach just yet, various options to mull over.

I'm getting a studio built so that will help in producing work, a better more creative work space. Really looking forward to it being finished, roof just going on and base flooring being laid today.

A few images from yesterday at a farm called Rannagulzion below Drumderg wind farm. Images for me to ponder on more than anything.

Rannagulzion © george logan 2019

Rannagulzion© george logan 2019

Rannagulzion© george logan 2019